Earth is NOT in motion, as satellite shows earths dawn and evening being cast upon earth by passing of sun while moon passes below.


So you think you know Genesis 1, right?

Nope, not until its been midrashed on EBDBM!

Why is Genesis 1 such a problem? Because it doesn’t agree with the cosmology we are all so familiar with. Day and night created on Day 1 while Sun and Moon are not even mentioned until Day 4? And what about plants growing on Day 3, before the first ray of sunshine? Is this a problem? It’s time you heard the unvarnished truth about all of that – if you can handle the truth. If you CAN handle the truth, don’t miss this 2 hour first edition of Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash on Tsiyon Road. If you CAN’T handle the truth don’t listen, because it will make you crazy. In that event, if you listen anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Visit to watch the video and listen to a program that will come alive as though you were there.


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