Earth forming one Continent?


There is an Unlimited Creator who we sometimes limit according to our knowledge about Him. His workings are so above our understanding and knowledge and in His Love for us He has given us examples throughout history the Mighty Workings of His Power.


He opened the Red Sea during the 1st Exodus with His nostrils and it makes me wonder with what of His Almighty Power will He preform before the whole world, the gathering of His Remnant, collecting them and returning  them back to the land He Promised them.


How will He make it possible for His Scattered Sheep to gather from all four corners of the world and return back to Israel as He Promised?

With all the world changes happening during this pole shift we see the ground opening up beneath in pockets of sinkholes, islands forming in the oceans, volcanos in the ring of fire becoming more and more active.


How will the Remnant who are scattered throughout the world, many who are poor or suffer at the hands of their governments that will not allow them to leave, how will they make it to Israel?

As I mentioned earlier, YHWH is only limited in “our” knowledge and understanding of Him. There is absolutely No limitation to the King of kings, Maker of all that exists or will ever exist.

To even grasp a glance at the Awesome Power of our Creator we look back at the 1st Exodus where YHWH showed Himself Mighty to both His People Israel, and to Egypt, a believing Nation and an unbelieving Nation.

As He showed Himself to an unbelieving world then, so will He again in this generation, but this time one thing is for certain, this Exodus will be even greater!

The whole world will witness this event and it will be stunning indeed.

But how remains a mystery. But what if; what if YHWH is linking the continents back together and once again Israel, being both Jew and grafted in Gentile,  alike walk on dry ground from every nation on earth back to Israel? Unbelievable?

The continents being formed back to His original plan of oneness, one continent, just as His House Israel will be, in unity of spirit in One.

A stretch beyond imagination? Man’s yes, absolutely! But nothing is impossible with YHWH! Nothing!

This earth will be transformed into a new earth and her birth pangs are becoming even more tremendous as she’s soon to give birth to a New Kingdom and that Kingdom will be ruled by YHWH and His Nation Israel Ruling over the earth, HIS KINGDOM!

Now how He does this is anyone’s guess and to stretch ones imagination is not really doing that, but expounding on YHWH’s creatively and boundlessness being that Almighty.

More then likely it will probably be even greater then what my tiny mind reflected on while meditating on the Awesome Power of Our Creator YHWH, and His Ability to Perform His Will Always Through His Great Love For Us.

What about you, what do you see?

Come visit where YHWH is gathering His Nation and see for yourself how His Will is Performing The Gathering of His Scattered Sheep, called the Remnant.

If you are being called out of her then you know what I’m talking about, now all you gotta do is allow His Spirit to show you why! Welcome home to the road to



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