Christianity is getting squeezed and I mean REALLY SQUEEZED, like orange juice being made from real oranges you have to squeeze the juice out from the pulp kinda squeeze.
Let me share with you the best I can what I believe Yahweh has shown me.
This whole Sodomite marriage thing is
going to test the religious leaders and the foundation on which they stand and I mean a TESTING.
I may have trouble trying to put into words what I’m trying to convey about the matrix of it all, so please bear with me.
As the sodomites begin to think about
marriage they will also need a place to get married and since most of them are not affiliated with any church it’s only a matter of time that sooner or later every church will be visited and a choice must be made.
Will pastors stand their ground and go to jail for jesus?
Sorry to say but from what I’ve seen it
looks like they are going to deceive their followers into believing their doing it for jesus but the truth that Yahweh showed me was this.
If they would only “Come out of her, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues” Rev 18:4.
If your not licenced, and or, ordained by a church then according to Cain’s little world your not qualified and do not have the authority to marry ANYONE.
Laws differ from state to state but from
what I have been able to see in a pattern is that you must be ordained and or licensed no matter what state your in.
According to Cain’s world in order to
perform weddings one must abide by “his law” and hold the credentials necessary to do such. Remember we’re living in Cain’s world.
First, one must be ordained by a church, or nowadays online, in order to have state eligibility. This is where Yahweh is seperating the sheep from the goats and the squeeze is on.

If they tore up the credentials that gives
them the authority to marry then they
cannot marry according to Cain’s law. If
they resign, step down, quit, run away, um, COME OUT OF HER I don’t think there’s much the opposing reprobates can do,can they?
Of course you realize this is but the crack to the sinkhole that’s developing.
If pastors took their credentials and
destroyed them it would mean losing
everything, because from what I
understand, you can’t preach in a church unless you hold some kind of physical paper proving your ordained, right?
Isn’t that a “law” set by the church itself
that one must be ordained in order to
preach in a pulpit and perform marriages?
They themselves are acting as though
“they” are the authority and not Yahweh.
My word! They are acting just like Cain
when they go outside Scripture and think somehow that by being ordained by ANOTHER MAN’S APPROVAL gives THEM the
authority. LOL HO HO HO
They are going to deceive their flock into believing they are going to jail for jesus when the Truth of the matter is, they are unwilling to COME OUT OF HER.
What would happen if they destroyed their degrees and all their man made titles?
A: There goes the need for seminaries.
What would happen if none of them held any license or credentials of any kind that would make them recognized by the state as having the authority to marry?
A: That’s a no brainer

They would become outcasts like us (those that left “the church” long ago) and I just didn’t see
that happening to that many shepherds.
So from what I’ve seen from this: it’s juice time, but most importantly: Yahweh is separating the sheep from the goats and He’s allowing the evil (sodomites) that’s working in this world to get it done, to bring His People Out.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Mainly what I see is that the persecution coming to Christianity; most of it will be self inflected because of the false teachings they hold to and believe.

Unwilling to seek the truth in Yahweh and hear Him calling “HIS PEOPLE” to “COME OUT OF HER” they will die for their religion, it’s falsehoods, and it’s cause, not
giving a damn about truth in the face of jail, or even death.

What a shame to every child of Yahweh
each and everyone of them that hold to
their religion and not to Yahweh, shame, shame!

Oh well, what can we do or say that hasn’t been done or said to save them.

JUICE ANYONE? just in case anyone is

Please help make this viral as it’s the ONLY SOLUTION POSSIBLE



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