The Tent of David is being Restored for the 2nd and Greatest Exodus in history.


According to Scripture there is going to be a time when Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who has scattered His people into exile from off their Land, will once again be bringing them back to their land, their Covenant Land, ther Home.

How this is to be done is still thought to be a mystery, until now. With just a little basic knowledge of the bible, one can see unfolding before their eyes a great and wonderful story  being uncovered, a wealth of wisdom to those who heed its message.

According to Jewish Scripture ( the Bible) we see woven throughout it an order that God has and how he deals with His people. We must keep in mind that it says also that Yahweh does not change.

It would then seem to make sense that if God does not change, then His order would not change either, otherwise  kaos would insure, for the universe itself is governed by it, and so it is also with an order of things among His people.

If we look closely at the order God set up with the tent of David according to His commands in the wilderness we must then come to a conclusion that knowing God does not change, He must somehow bring that order back into a people. But how, their scattered and many have lost their identity?

This is where once again Yahweh is working according to His order. He sends them a prophet to those that are waking up and seeking Him and His ways, those that God has already communicated and prepared to know him, when they hear him.

One by one they are coming to know from what tribe they are from as it’s being revealed to them each in his and her own time according to the working of Gods will and order.

It’s a marvelous work in progress to see this actually working and taking place in a people to once again become released from the shackles of human worldly bondage, both religious and secular, during this last generation, through the working of His established Holy Order.

If you would like to learn more or Yahweh has already dealt with you over these matters then we invite you to come and be a part of the temple being built WITHOUT hands. Please visit




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