WHAT DO THEY
This is very important!

Very, very important.

Please, share this on facebook and to your your church members. Please share with everyone you know, family, friends, everyone!

Help spread the plea for a call of repentance to receive healing and reap from its benefits, His Blessings.

What role the US plays will determine blessings or cursings concerning Israel as stated in His Word.

I ran across this concerning the blood red moons coming on April 15 which falls on Passover. Another one on the Feast of Booths in the fall then two more the next year, both also fall on Jewish feasts days, Passover, then Feast of Tabernacle.

This will explain what has happened in the past, as we’ve had them before, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it informs us on how and what to pray for in unity as His People for Israel during these blood red moons.

Please once again get this important message out so we may receive a BLESSING instead of a Cursing.

John with all His Children from around the world and let’s all do as suggested, please. It’s the Righteous thing to do!


Preparing ourselves now to become great leaders in the coming Kingdom. His Remnant People.

               The only way Home!

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