When The Church Made A Covenant With The Devil.

The 501-c3 tax exemption and the covenant the church has made with Satan’s World System is about to break forth with a great fury from the abyss as the church must follow government guidelines it has promised to obey in order to receive its status, as exempt.

If your church where you attend, be it any denomonation whatsoever, has filed for tax exempt status (501c3), it has signed an agreement; a covenant if you will, with this world’s system to which Satan has been given rule.

Rule, and rule he does, with an iron fist against the church itself as he attacks directly those that have made a covenant with him in their agreement to become tax exempt.

Marriage is now a government institution to which the church must bow if it has signed the covenant of 501-c3 that binds it to its laws.

Does not the church teach any more about becoming separate from this world and everything it has to offer, even tax exemption?

It does not teach any longer separation from this world as it would be found a hypocrite as it receives it’s tax exemption and the money comes pouring in.

This is going to be one of many testing times for the “church” to see if it has yet to hear this wake up call!

Under a new law imposed by a wicked and corrupt government who’s under the influence of Satan is now coming to gather your pastors and haul them off to jail if they refuse to marry Sodomites.

Why would any pastor be willing to go to jail and claim he’s doing it for the Lord when biblically all they have to do is come out of her and drop 501-c3 like a rock.

This is where the testing comes marching in…

When they come for your pastor, and they will, will he stand for biblical truth, or collapse under government rule? Only time will tell but mark my words, the Sodomites are coming to test you and the sheep are about to be slaughtered for no apparent reason when all they have to do is pick up their bibles and ask Yahweh to show them the hidden things the church has also misled them into.

“Seek and ye shall find”.

From the Remnant at http://www.Tsiyon.org



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