There are a people calling themselves “The Remnant” that according to Scripture are those that will gather and go back to Israel in a mass exodus from among all the nations, during which the whole world will be a witness to this great event.

They are a peculiar people coming together from all four corners of the earth, being brought together by following the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and understanding them as being taught to them by their teacher, Eliyahu Ben David, who claims that Yahweh, the God of the Jews, has commissioned  “him” to accomplish this great mission. The Gathering the Remnant of Israel,


His website at http://www.Tsiyon.org is where they are all coming together, being formed into what they say they are, “Bondservants,” slaves, giving of and releasing themselves in everything to become the people that truly have learned from Scripture what it takes to please Yahweh… heartfelt service in obedience to Living Out His Torah!

They are a people that all claim to have been called to this ministry of returning to the old paths that the 1st Covenant teaches us, and that by living it out in their lives they become more like unto Yahshua their Messiah who is their Saviour and example.

They claim to have had a calling from Yahweh to “come out of her, refering to Revelation 18:4. The majority of them by far have left their denomanations and religions including Judaism and Christianity behind, following their teacher who they claim is the White Horse Rider of Revelation 6:2.

It cannot be denied that this group of people are unique in their beliefs and all are in unity, one with the other, unlike any religion on earth.

Could this man they claim to be the WHITE HORSE RIDER, could it truly be The Elijah to come, has come, but is just now being revealed to them?

The biggest question is…

Would they be willing to accept the truth that he truly is that Elijah? That’s the biggest question and truly deals directly with the spirit within us.

The only true way to find out would be to visit the website, do a google search and dig, dig, dig, and in doing so may you enjoy the nuggets of truth you have so longed for.


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